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The Bloggers Map

Despite the fact that around the web,  articles or blog posts try to complicated the process of making money with blogging, here’s a basic overview of how it’s accomplished:

Step 1. Research – Research – Research! Your initial research is what is going to make you or break you. You can blog about what you love and hope to make money by doing this, or you can do what it takes to find out what people want and give it to them (2nd option here is show me the money). In both cases here: Read and Re-read step 3. The words “Content is King” is the holy grail.

Step  2: Register a domain. Get a hosting account, you have to be 100 % in charge of your website, this means you do not use wordpress.com, blogger, wix or other places that own and control your future. Owning your domain, controlling your hosting account and website are crucial to take advantage of all the various income opportunities.

Step 3: Produce or even use outsourcing for your content, this has to be the highest quality content you can write in order to generate traffic, get the Google love and drive sales. These postings will have to be exceptionally high-quality, highly targeted and helpful to your visitors. This is the most important step of them all!!

Step 4: Build your email list! I shouldn’t have to discuss this at all in this day and age. Get an autoresponder account and get building.

Step 5: Communication with your list is about building trust. There is no right answer, you will have to test whether to email 1 a week, twice a week or everyday or once a month. Subscribers will come and go, but if you test you will have more joining then leaving and know how often to email them.

O.K., now that we have managed to get this far, remember that it takes money or time to succeed. So get to work if you are like me and have more time then money. Write the articles yourself, learn the basics of wordpress……….Do not think you can use fiverr or PLR articles for this—–Those are guaranteed failure tactics!

You  are going to have to use multiple traffic methods, free and paid advertising to get things really going. I am not going to teach the methods of traffic here, but you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to driving traffic.

Now I know that everywhere you look people talk about blogging and how to do it. I am a firm believer that most of it is of value. Plenty of information out there has true golden nuggets to learn from, but do yourself a favor………… Follow with caution. Not everything works for everybody, I may not being explaining these steps in a way that makes sense to you or someone else, so take from everyone you can and use what feels right for you.

Do not fall for any Get -Rich -Quick: B.S., online and offline: Businesses Require Work, and a lot of it. do not start your blog with ads all over the place because we all know that is a spam site, no purpose, but to sell stuff. The content is re-hashed garbage. If this is what you have in mind, go somewhere else right now, grab a drink and keep wishing you had the success of others.

Everyone deep down wants an easy or fast track to mind blowing success, and that just isn’t going to happen. So, if you are here to learn anything about blogging and making possible income from it, then “Get To Work”. Follow the basic steps above and put in as many hours a day as you can. Write 1 or 2 article a day about your subject. Don’t publish them, set them aside for a day or two while you continue writing more articles. Now after the day or two, read your articles again, if you like what you have just read and know it is of value to your visitors, then publish it, if not change what needs to be changed and now publish it!

In one month you will have between 20 and 60 articles ready to start your blogging career. Not everything you write is going to be great, that is the difference between the 20 – 60 articles.

Do not be a perfectionist, there is no such thing and it is the number one killer. We all make mistakes, talk differently, and think differently. Be yourself, write they way you talk and everyday keep on pushing forward.

***One last mention: When it comes to the layout of your blog, don’t worry about this. To many people that I speak to spend hours, weeks, months stressing over how their blog is going to look. If you are tracking, yes you should have had the software code installed from day one!, then as you grow your visitors will tell you what they like and what they don’t, by their actions. Now you the documented insight you need to grow your new business into a true financial success story and all the time you spend working will feel more like your new love than a job!

To Your Success – Now Get To Work!