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SEO and eCommerce

SEO – The question is do you know what seo means if you are running an eCommerce website.

When it comes to eCommerce there are 2 variations you can be doing.

Secenario 1: You have a store, Shopify, Woocommerce or whatever shopping cart you are using and you are listing 50, 100 or more products. You cannot spend the time optimizing each and every product page for organic search!
It is time comsuming and you don’t know what product will sell and what ones are there for looks, meaning that maybe someone buys the product 1 time in a 6 month period.

Your competitors are out selling you before you have even begone to let consumers know about your store.

Wait!, that isn’t true I am doing paid ads to drive traffic at the same time as the seo. You Lose – PERIOD!

I will explain more in a minute…….

Secenario 2: You do free products – just pay shipping. The newest fad, except this method has been around forever and will continue long after we are gone.

Using this method can be very costly, it is paid advertising. Testing Facebook, Instagram, Google Network, blah blah blah. is going to drain your bank account, unless you are already wealthy. However if you are rich, then you don’t have the time to waste reading anything on this blog.

The fact is…..it is a guessing game, until you have spent a huge amount of money testing or you get lucky upfront and then go to duplicate your success with a new product and FAIL.

We can minimize our risk drastically in both these sitiuations, by Testing!

Start here if you are a a full blown eCommerce store: Blog, build relationships with other websites of value to your market. Share information, pictures, stats, testimonials and anything else of value….Everywhere you possibly can on the World Wide Web. This means all social media sites, guest blogging, forum comments (It better be helpful) and every other tactic out there to drive traffic.

Start here if you are Free – just pay shipping: First make sure you are using money you can afford to lose. Think of it as if you were going to a casino, the odds of you losing every penny of your rent money or house payment is 99.9%.

You have to have money to spend on advertising that you can afford to lose.

You need to track – test – track and test everything. This means split testing in multiple markets, what?. Yes, you need to run ads thru Social Networks like Facebook and Pinterest and you need to be running ads thru the search engines, but we are not done here. What about banner ads, niche specific websites, ¬†or directories, there are hundreds of place to advertise and you probably haven’t thought about 90% percent of the places. Why?, because everyone follows the guru with the newest fad that they are hyping up all over the place and retargeting you so that you believe every word you re-read!

Guess what, you had better read that again. They are doing exactly what I am telling you to do, they are selling you by researching competitors and then split testing and re-split testing and after this retargeting you every where you go. Once the numbers start to add up with the winning ads, they ramp up the budget and make a “Shit-Ton” of money, then they market you to buy there newest marketing methods that made them rich, so you can be rich too.

While you are learning their new marketing strategies, they are researching new markets, testing, split testing, collecting emails and so on making more and more money. However, you are still back there trying to figure it all out, when what you should have been doing is what they told you in the first place.

Quit Reading – Take Action – Get To Work!